B LISKA Amazing Scavenger Race

The 4th Annual B LISKA Amazing Scavenger Race is on November 6th, 2016, at Kate Gould Park. Download the application below. Completed registration forms, along with a check for $50 (day-of registration fee is $65) for each team of up to six people can be mailed to Women of Fishing Families, P.O. Box 134, Chatham, MA 02633. Registration forms and payment can also be left at W.O.F.F.’s drop box at the Fishing Partnership Office at 880 Main Street, Unit 2 at Munson Meeting Way, Chatham.



A Prayer & A Party: The 8th Annual Chatham Blessing of the Fleet

Plan on kicking off your Memorial Day Weekend at our 8th Annual Chatham Blessing of the Fleet at the Chatham Fish Pier.

woff bless (4)

On Saturday, May 28th, we’ll honor a longstanding fishing community tradition; the blessing of our fishing fleet to ensure a safe and bountiful season for our fishermen. It is a centuries-old tradition in fishing communities around the world and a decades-old one on Cape Cod. The ceremony begins at 11:00 a.m. with a blessing offered by Reverend McGurk, of St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in Chatham, after which we’ll set a ceremonial wreath out to sea to honor lost loved ones. Prayers will be read by W.O.F.F. members, as well as children from Chatham Elementary School and area fishing families.  DSC_0253 (2) (530x800)

Musical performances during the blessing include a song from the SeaFire Kids, Sarah Marchio playing bagpipes, a performance by the Monomoy Regional High School Handbell Choir, and Brooke Linnell and Laura Barabe singing. The blessing is nondenominational and people of all faiths are welcome.

After the prayer comes the party.

We’ll have live music from the SeaFire Kids, featuring W.O.F.F.’s own Shannon Eldredge, along with Russell Kingman, and Brett and Danielle Tolley. Libations will be available for purchase to get everyone into party-mode, as will coffee, chowder, chili, clam cakes and a raw bar to keep everybody fueled up for the fun. We’ll also have new ‘W.O.F.F. Wear’ items available. seafire

For the kids – and kids at heart – we’ll have fishy face painting, a sea critter touch tub, surprise fishing games, and ‘survival suit dips’ where kids can put on a survival suit and lay in a pool of ice to get an idea of how it feels for the fishermen to don one for protection in cold water.

This fun-for-all-ages event is free and open to the public. Donations are encouraged! All proceeds benefit the Women of Fishing Families, a 501-C3 non-profit organization supporting fishermen beyond the boat since 2006. DSC_0004 (2) (531x800)

The Details:

When: Saturday, May 28th from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Where: Chatham Fish Pier, corner of Shore Road & Barcliff Avenue, Chatham

Parking: Chatham Elementary School, 147 Depot Road; free shuttle service to pier runs from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Our thanks to these local businesses for so generously donating food and spirits:

Registration For BLISKA Scavenger Hunt!

It’s getting close!  BLISKA Scavenger Hunt!  But to be a part of it you need to REGISTER for it!! And we are going to make is super easy for you to do so! Here are the rules for sign ups:

  • Get your TEAM together!  Up to 6 people per team!  ALL ages are welcome!
  • $50 to register.  Please make checks out to “Women of Fishing Families” with BLISKA in the memo.
  • Print out this FORM and bring it, and your $50 check, to the Chatham Community Center and please leave it at the front desk.
  • OR you can head to the Chatham Community Center – where there will be extra forms – and fill it out there.
  • Forms due by THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29th!
  • $65 to register on the day of the event – SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1st

You’ve got this!  BLISKA!!

Click on this LINK to print the registration form!

Cocktail Party and Benefit for the Women of Fishing Families

W.O.F.F. is thrilled for our next upcoming event!  THIS Saturday – October 10th from 4pm – 6pm at Nickerson Art Gallery! Stop in! We’d love to see you!


Cocktail party and benefit for the Women of Fishing Families

Saturday, October 10, 2015  4-6 pm

Truro fine art oil painter Elizabeth Lazeren, represented by Nickerson Art Gallery, has donated a painting to the Women of Fishing Families, a local human service non-profit that supports Cape Cod fishing families.

Lazeren will reveal ‘Salt Gateway’ a 12” by 16” oil painting, at the special gallery event on October 10th.  At that time, the Women of Fishing Families will kick off a 6-week long auction of the painting. All proceeds from the auction will benefit the organization’s Fishing Community Assistance Fund. 

From 4- 6 pm on Oct 10th, a portfolio of Lazeren’s land and seascapes will be showcased along with pastels by Ginny Nickerson featuring the Cape’s working waterfront and the never-before-seen out-take character studies of fish workers from Shareen Davis’ upcoming photography book “Through the Fog.” Nickerson Art Gallery will also donate 5% of all sales from the gallery event to WOFF.

Auction details will be available on Oct. 10th, and thereafter at Nickerson Art Gallery located at 618 Main Street Downtown Chatham, or by visiting womenoffishingfamilies.org.

Join Us on Monday!

Join Fishing Partnership Support Services, in collaboration with the Women of Fishing Families, for an evening dedicated to your family’s health. On Monday, Oct. 5th from 6-9pm at Pilgrim’s Landing in Chatham (880 Main St.), experts from Health Care for All, local wellness provider Chantell Baptiste of Elemental Health & Wellness, and trainers from Body Strong Fitness will provide an evening workshop for women in fishing families to learn about health insurance benefits, good nutrition on a budget, and maintaining fitness during the “off-season.” All participants receive a voucher for a 30-minute consultation with Chantell Baptiste!
The workshop is FREE and open to fishing families on Cape Cod. Pre-registration is recommended. To register, contact FPSS Navigators Morgan Parker at 508-237-9402 or Shannon Eldredge at 508-958-6580, or visit http://fishingpartnership.org/get-involved/events/womens-wellness-health-living-workshop/.
The Wellness & Healthy Living Workshop is last of our workshop series in 2015, as Fishing Partnership gears up for Health Insurance Open Enrollment, Nov. 1-Jan. 31. We have plans to continue offering workshops in 2016. Dates are TBD, but subjects include debt & credit management for fishing families, and another women’s boating class.


Today’s W.O.F.F. post comes from Becki Lucarelli!  She is a “chocolatier” from the Chatham Candy Manor and she has also been a on the W.O.F.F. BOD since day one.  Becki’s husband is a commercial lobstermen and two of her sons fish, as well, on lobster and gillnet boats. As  you can imagine, Becki knows a thing or two about lobster and the best ways to cook it!  Thank you for sharing with us Becki!

Becki Lucarelli
Becki Lucarelli

Fall is in the air, which can only mean one thing…. I need a lobster for dinner! My early October birthday has my husband and children asking what I’d like for my special day. As I tend to be practical in the gift department, I always say I don’t need anything. But considering my husband is a commercial lobster fisherman, perhaps I could have a lobster?

Ironically, as much as we enjoy a good lobster feast, it generally only happens in the spring, when his season begins and/or in the end of December, when his season comes to a close (occasionally we have guests in the summer and serve them lobster, while we eat chicken). The lobster catch supports our family, so it’s always been about selling them. A few years ago I told them all I wanted for my birthday was a big lobster all to myself, and I wanted to eat it hot without interruption. Gratefully, I enjoyed a 4 pounder, steaming fresh from the pot, with butter and lemon…. no phone calls, no kids asking for this or that…. it was heaven!!!

Homarus Americanus, the American lobster, has not always been a culinary treat. Centuries ago there were so many of them that they were easily gathered wading in shallow water. Native Americans used them as bait and fertilizer. In colonial times, they were considered food for the poor, fed to prisoners, and some servants even created contracts specifying that they could not be forced to eat lobster more than three times a week!

Obviously times have changed!!!  Who’s with me??  Who’s ready for a lobster??

The most traditional ways of cooking lobster are steaming and boiling. Since I can’t wait long enough for a whole pot of water to boil, I’ve always steamed them. Pick a pot large enough to hold your lobsters and have some extra room at the top. Add a few inches of salted water and bring to a boil. Carefully REMOVE THE RUBBER BANDS, this is a big ‘must do’ that many people are unaware of. Believe me, you can actually taste the rubber bands if they get left on! Place the lobsters in the pot, put the lid on, and return to a boil. Now you can begin timing…. Allow 15-18 minutes for a 1 to 1.5 pound hard shell lobster, closer to 20 minutes for a 2 pounder. When you think the lobsters are done, pull on the antennae. If they pull off easily, they’re done. Now you’re ready to break out the hammers, forks, butter and lemon and dive right in!

If you’re up for something a little more decadent, go to the Barefoot Contessa’s website (Google it) and look up her recipe for Baked Shrimp Scampi. This is an amazing dish that I have served for Christmas dinner and has always been devoured. A few years ago, for a special WOFF event, I used lobster instead of shrimp and it was fabulous. You can  follow the recipe exactly, replacing the 2 pounds of shrimp with 2 pounds of lobster meat. BUT, you must cook the lobster yourself because you need it undercooked for this dish as it gets baked in the oven. I used the steaming method and only cooked the lobsters about 5-7 minutes, let them cool enough to handle, then pick the meat. You can par cook the lobsters a day or two ahead of when you will be making this meal. You will need about 6-8 pounds of live lobster for 2 pounds of meat.  Yikes! That’s some tough math to swallow, but worth every penny! Just think about how much the market charges for a great cut of beef! I guess being married to a lobsterman has its perks!

Max and Sam Lucarelli
Max and Sam Lucarelli

Oldies but Goodies!

So have you ever “googled” yourself??  We did.  WOFF googled ourselves! And it was a flash back of fantastic, heartwarming memories!  We wanted to share a couple of articles that were posted when we were just “newbies” to the Non-Profit – Women of Fishing Families – world!  We love looking back and we can tell you that our gratitude for each other and for our fishing community just keeps growing stronger each year!  And for this we are eternally thankful! Enjoy these “old” articles!!

Cape Cod Times 2008 – Our 2nd Maritime Festival!

Minding Your (WOFF) Business – written by Amy Tagliaferri (2008)

We hope that you enjoyed this “Look back in time” as much as we did!!

Lucy and Mya Bates

Our fishing community lost a wonderful friend, wife and beautiful mother this last weekend – Amy Elizabeth Bates, 39, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, July 25th, at Cape Cod Hospital as a result of a hereditary heart condition. Please help us to support her two amazing daughters, Lucy (8 years) and Mya (7 years) as their family journeys through this difficult time. WOFF has opened an account in their name at TD Bank.  Please keep these young girls in your thoughts and consider donating to their future.  You can donate at ANY TD Bank on Cape Cod or send a check directly to WOFF at P.O. Box 134 Chatham, Mass 02633 and we will be sure to get the check exactly where it needs to go.  Please write the checks out to WOFF with Lucy and Mya Bates in the memo line.  Thank you again and again.  Please read ahead to learn about Amy and her family.  She will be missed.


CHATHAM – Amy Elizabeth Bates, 39, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, July 25th, at Cape Cod Hospital as a result of a hereditary heart condition.

Born Amy Walls on December 14th, 1975 to Dr. Gene and Corinne Walls in East Grand Rapids, MI, Amy attended Lake Forest Academy in Chicago and East Grand Rapids High School before graduating from Cornell University. After school, Amy moved to Chatham from New York City to build a life with the man she met on the first day of college.

A small girl with huge character and heart, Amy’s kindness and unfailing good spirit made a giant impact on those around her. Her joy in being a mom and her dedication to raising her daughters is a lovely example to all. Her courage and selflessness and uncomplaining resilience in the face of life’s challenges continue to inspire many of us each and every day.

Amy was interested in everything. She studied architecture, pre-medicine, and English. She loved to travel, whether to Thailand or Belize or just down the road. Food was a passion – catching it, growing it, and preparing it – though her culinary accomplishments often made dining out contentedly a challenge. Amy couldn’t resist real estate projects, the more derelict the better, despite the adventures bound to ensue. But mostly Amy loved her girls.

Amy is survived by her husband, Luther, and her two beautiful girls, Lucy and Mya; her mom Corinne, sister Laura, and brother Kevin; nieces and nephews Ryan, Ella, Jack, and Ben; as well as aunts, uncles, cousins, and countless friends. We are all devastated by her loss.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the Lucy & Mya Fund at Women Of Fishing Families, PO Box 134, Chatham MA 02633.

Summer of Fun, Fresh Fish, and Firsts!

We’re kicking off this fabulous Cape Cod summer with a July full of Fun, Fresh Fish, and Firsts!


Fishermen's daughters Brook Linnell and Jamie Rushnak proudly walk the WOFF banner in Chatham's 4th of July parade, 2014.
Fishermen’s daughters Brook Linnell and Jamie Rushnak proudly walk the WOFF banner in Chatham’s 4th of July parade, 2014.

Happy Birthday America! The Chatham 4th of July Parade would not be complete without our annual WOFF float, and this year is no exception. We’re back at it to celebrate 2015’s theme “Distinctly Chatham,” or as we like to say “D’Stinkly Chatham!” Smell the tradition as we roll down Main Street in our clamming skiff full of fishermen, fishy kids, and of course pink boots!


What would summer on Cape Cod be without fresh seafood? Fishing boats bringing in oysters, lobsters, bass, and fluke. Clambakes, fish fries, and raw bars at beachfront & backyard gatherings. Authentic regional dishes and innovative recipes experienced by year-rounders and visitors alike.

Cape Cod’s fishing family businesses work hard on the ocean to bring delicious fish to our local restaurants and dinner tables. But how do you know what fish is in season, who’s catching it, or where to get it so you can eat the freshest, most local fish around?get fresh logo for web

WOFF has your answers right here…on this very site. Our new “Get Fresh” blog series starting this month offers followers information about seasonal fish, market prices, old Cape seafood recipes, and fishermen’s tales from the sea!

Seafood education is key to supporting local fishing family businesses and the health of our great blue ocean. Know where your food comes from; know your fisherman.  If you want to Get Fresh with the Women of Fishing Families this summer, click here.

Announcing a couple of FIRSTS for WOFF:

Meet Emily! WOFF’s very first intern!emily intern

Emily is a sophomore at Monomoy Regional High School, part of the track & cross country team, and enjoys snowboarding. She’s been a volunteer for WOFF’s annual BLISKA Scavenger Hunt, along with her mom Jenn. She likes using her GoPro camera to make videos. When she’s not behind the counter at the Chatham Penny Candy Store, Emily will be using her tech skills to produce a video about WOFF’s mission & programs. When asked what her favorite seafood is, she responded, “I love sushi!”
Welcome Emily! We’re thrilled to have you on board with us for the summer.

rose riveter plainOur first Women’s Boating Basics course w/ Fishing Partnership Support Services!

Learn how to operate a boat safely and with confidence. Join us for a full-day training on July 16th at the Monomoy Yacht Club in Chatham, MA. Learn vessel navigation underway, man overboard procedures, may-day calls, docking & anchoring, and more safety & survival skills!

The event is FREE and open to women from fishing families. To register, visit fishingpartnership.org or contact Morgan Parker at 508-237-9402, mparker@fishingpartnership.org OR Shannon Eldredge at 508-958-6580, seldredge@fishingpartnership.org.